Why Kids Commit Crimes & How We Can Stop it (1-hour special)

We will present a one-hour television special to premiere and discuss all of the topics of our mini-series, entitled, "Why Kids Commit Crimes". Segments will include discussions and opinions from youth, law enforcement, elected officials, parents, faith based organizations and other community agencies from cities throughout the United States who share a passion to save our youth and reduce juvenile crime.  All episodes will be available for viewing online. Broadcast dates and times will be announced.  

Memphis, TN

Little Rock, AR

Jonesboro, AR

Louisville, KY

Charlotte, NC

Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Poverty

Explore the role poverty plays in a child's life from birth to teen years

Episode 2 - Education & Peers

A look into negative peer pressure and impact of positive education and learning

Episode 3 - Domestic Violence

 A 17 year old will discuss how her father shot and killed her mother when she was 6 months old and in her mother’s arms, then her father committed suicide in jail

Episode 4 - Drugs & Alcohol

 Discuss all data and results of drug and alcohol use and abuse  

Episode 5 - Mental Illness

Explore all phases of mental illness; hereditary, how to identify and how to get help 

Episode 6 - Gangs & Guns

Gangs and guns to power, the myth and the truth 


Episode 7 - Lack of Parenting / Faith

Explore absent fathers, mothers, teen parents and lack of spiritual foundation

Episode 8 - Sex Abuse / Trafficking

Expose the truth about sexual abuse of children (boys & girls) and human trafficking

Episode 9 - Bullying / Cyberbullying

Results of bullying and dangers of cyber bullying - how it affects youth

Episode 10 - Early Childhood Truma

Explain how children exposed to anger, violence and abuse in their early years later develop as they age